Ceramic cup TATARA

€20,00 €51,00

Handmade cup TATARA is made to make you feel the ceramic in all its way.

To make the feeling more real there is a dent to place the thumb which will let the ceramic be one with your hand.

The cup can be used for hot or iced drinks but also as a vase for ikebana.

Color: White/beige (the intensity of the color may be slightly different due to handcrafted.

size: H= 10 cm, diam = 6 cm

Note! : Do not use in microwave or dishwasher - can be used in oven if the  products are arranged with a little distance to each another.

Because it is made by hand one by one, there are cases where a slight difference may come out, such as size and color, small holes such as pinholes, color unevenness, hanging condition of glaze, etc.