Cup Q


These cups are great for cold beverages. Water drops will not be easily formed outside of cup when ice cubes are in the cup. Both inside and outside of the cup are coated with urethane which conforms to the Food Sanitation Act, and it eliminates the fear of the permeation of drinks.

The more you use the Cup Q, the more you will be attached to it. It is designed simply with utilizing natural wood texture. 

Two colors available: Natural and Black.

Outside surface of Cup TROLL has natural texture of YOSHINO Cedar and the edge of the cup is smoothly finished.

* Please take care with detergent for the tableware and a soft sponge for washing tableware.
* Please avoid continuous use of hot beverages and boiled water which might cause crack.

Size: w70 x h75 mm

Color: Natural

Material: Yoshino Cedar

Finish: Food-grade Urethane