Plant Jewel Mirror Ball

€20,00 €88,00

Think of PLANT'S JEWEL as jewelry for plants: a lineup of accessories that make even a solitary flower look wonderful. Position one of these stylish devices in a vase or glass, and then thread flower stems through to complete an elegant arrangement.

A display of just one or two cut flowers may look forlorn, but with PLANT'S JEWEL, even a single flower can be held securely to create an eye-catching display.

Special anti-bacterial plating ensures that any water coming into contact with PLANT'S JEWEL stays clean, reducing the hassle of having to regularly change the water.

This product is a design with a mirror ball motif.
Craftsmen handmade this one by one. It is a sphere with a diameter of 85 mm, you can use it like a frog if it matches a large wine glass or vessel. Of course, you can also use it together with one flower / stem plants.

*Please note that there are individual differences such as welding marks for handmade goods by craftsmen