Pulp Card box - Midori


Natural design that matches any type of interior design

A new series of storage products that are both eco-friendly and stylish has been launched. Made of "waste paper", which is a rare material for stationery, the storage cases exhibit the natural color of paper and the plain texture of pulp. Likewise, because these products are made of paper, it was easy to form functional shapes to perfectly hold things to be stored. These cases are light, allowing you to stack them in as many layers as you want. They look good in the office, and can also serve as stylish room decoration accessories.

The interior partitions of the card case are designed to create compartments that accommodate approx. 100 business cards. They divide the case into four compartments, meaning that 400 business cards can fit in a case.

color: Grey (= made of waste newspaper)

size: 16cmx10,5cmx6cm



  • - The cases are made of 100% waste paper and feature a durable design. However, they may become deformed when subjected to excess weight or friction.
  • - Although the cases have a water repellent finish, they are made of paper, so please avoid leaving them in a humid place for a long time or getting them wet.
  • - Due to the nature of paper, the color may change if the cases are exposed to direct sunlight.