Tuku Flower Vase - MARU

€20,00 €75,00

Tuku is a small flower vase which is easy attached to the wall or anywhere to enjoy ikebana.

It can be arranged in any space as a pretty and cool décor.

This vase will let you feel pottery closer into your life and let you find a little happiness in your daily routine.

This brand is called 'TUKU', which in Japanese means attaching something on an object. They named it wishing you to enjoy a flower vase wherever you feel to attached it in your home.

Enjoy and feel the warmth of handmade pottery ...

Dimension: 5cm x 3,5cm


ABOUT the atelier:

The ceramic atelier is based in Utsuka and completely surrounded by nature.

It is a store where you can buy, shop, drink coffee and follow workshops.